1. Question: Why, when I add my podcast does it not show up right away?

Answer: When you add a podcast, our site indexes it right away, but it can take as much as 24 hours for it to get populated throughout our system. If you added a podcast and you still can’t find it after 24 hours, email our support staff and let them know.

2. Question: How do I get my podcast featured on ViCasting.com?

Answer: Simply email our marketing department here and we will review your podcast. Features are on a first come first server basis. We will not feature a podcast that is found to have adult content, so don’t try. Length of time a podcast can be featured is entirely based on user feedback and response.

3. Question: How do I add a podcast to ViCasting.com?

Answer: In order to add a podcast to ViCasting.com you must first become a member by clicking here. Once registered and logged in you can then click on Add in the top nav bar. Simply enter the URL to your podcast feed and add some tags that relate to your feed.

4. Question How do I store my favorite podcasts in my account?

Answer: In order to add a podcast to your account, simply go to the podcasts main page and click the “Add to Favorites” button. Once you have done this the podcast feed will be added to your favorites, which then is displayed on your ViCasting.com home page, when you are logged in.

5. Question: How do I create a podcast to add to your site?

Answer: The loaded question came! Here are a few articles that explain it in length. Good luck and we’ll see you soon!
Article 1 by Jake Ludington of O’Reilly’s Windows Dev Center
Article 2 part of a 3-part series from Engadget.com
Article 3 from Corey Deitz at About.com

6. Question: What are tags and why do all the podcasts have them?

Tags are keywords. Each podcast on our site has tags, or keywords, attached to it that were added by the users who added the podcast to our archive. We use tags on ViCasting.com because tags are an easy way to keep things organized as long as they are used correctly. For example, if you are posting a podcast that deals with Japanese cuisine, you can add the tags, ‘Japanese’, ‘cuisine’, ‘food’, etc to your posting. Likewise, if you are searching for a particular podcast, you can just search the tags for the subject that you are looking for. Tags make searching and categorizing more flexible. Instead of having to post your podcast into a predetermined category, you now have the freedom to put your podcast into your own category that more accuratley describes your podcast.

7. Question: How do I allow people to vote for my podcast?

Answer: In order for people to vote for your podcast you simply have to go to your podcast page on ViCasting.com, then click the “Link to this podcast” link. This will take you to a new page. On this new page simply copy the code under the “Vote link for…” and insert it into your website. User’s who click on this link from your site will be able to vote for your podcast. *note: repetitive clicking will not increase your podcasts vote ranking.

8. Question: How does ViCasting.com’s podcast rating system work?

Answer: Our podcast rating system is a “two tiered” system. First users can rate and review podcasts directly on a podcast’s page. The higher the rating, the higher a podcast appears in search results. Second users can vote for a podcast by clicking on a link button from ViCasting.com that is placed on your site. For more information see question 7.

9. Question: How do I… (Your Question goes here)

Answer: We are a relativley new site and as such have not recieved a whole lot of questions. So we encourage you to email us with any questions you may have. If your question is one that many people would probably like to know the answer to, then we’ll put it here.